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Sustainable Development & Ethical Practice™ is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of Corporate Eco-Systems, Business Eco-Systems and the environment in which they operate.

Is an approach to business, which can be integrated into Corporate and Business Eco-Systems. We seek to inspire the corporate world, key organizations, industry leaders and experts from around world to lead by example towards sustainability by implementing our approach, principals and philosophy, and by investing in SD&EP™ Sustainable Investments.

The 'Brundtland Commission' is said to best define sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

It has been said that one out of every three people in the world lives in a city and that by 2025 this figure will double. The result will be 30 mega cities with populations of over 8 million and 500 cities with populations exceeding 1 million. With this in mind, the creation of a Vision of Sustainability will be the inspiration and key to our future.

The effects of the increasing global population growth and economies exceed the capabilities of any corporation to resolve alone. A Corporation has the resources and motivation as one piece of the puzzle to achieve sustainability. However, the bigger picture shows us that if all the pieces of the puzzle take action collectively, sustainability can be achieved.

With gradual changes in bigger numbers, Corporate Ecosystems will be able to visualize and measure their positive impacts towards sustainability. It is said that change must come from within. Multinational organizations and industry leaders are responsible for leading by example and making the changes towards Sustainable Development & Ethical Practice. The desired result will be that the rest of the world will follow suit.

Our basic needs are Energy, Land, and Water. They must be sourced, utilized and consumed in a manner, which is sustainable and ethical in order to strengthen the ability of future generations to also meet their needs.

We must work to improve our environment and create a positive impact by implementing sustainable solutions in the environment in which we operate our business.

As all life is cyclical, Sustainability in the cycles of our businesses is of great importance to achieve. With simple adjustments in our approach to business and the way we live, the horizon of sustainability is visible and achievable towards a sustainable global economy.