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The Social Investment Forum is a national nonprofit membership association dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of Socially Responsible Investing. The Forum is made up of over 500 financial professionals and institutions. Membership is open to any organization or practitioner who wishes to participate in the socially responsible investing field.
The Forum has five major areas of activity:
• Networking and Continuing Education
• Research
• Direct Member Services & Information
• Industry Growth and Client Services
• Industry Advocacy
The Forum has a joint membership program with the Co-op America Business Network which provides direct services to members including a newsletter, networking, conferencing and the Forum's Mutual Fund Performance chart, media programs to grow the SRI field, and research to expand and credentialize SRI.
If you're an investing and financial professional interested in socially responsible investing, we look forward to welcoming you aboard, and bringing you the best the socially responsible investing industry has to offer -- in networking, information, advocacy and benefits. By joining the Social Investment Forum, you'll be plugging in to the most comprehensive set of industry resources available.