Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization?

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Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization? es un informe de la consultora SustainAbility Edición digital disponible en http://www.sustainability.com/raising%2Dour%2Dgame/.

Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization? looks out to 2027 to examine future scenarios for the world’s sustainable development, and to propose a new set of rules for business to rise to the unprecedented challenges ahead.

The interplay of sustainable development and globalisation is defining the future and the stakes for the planet are rising. Raising Our Game looks at the trade-offs involved in future choices over environmental and social value, and at the role still to be played by innovation, entrepreneurship and the emerging economies of the South.

SustainAbility presented the analysis and recommendations of its 2007 report –Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalisation? – to the Confederation of Indian Industry in New Delhi in December 2007. This article serves as a synopsis. The research and analysis was undertaken as part of SustainAbility’s Emerging Economies Program, which provides strategic advice and practical support to multinational and national enterprises doing business in the world’s emerging markets.