Accidente nuclear de Three Mile Island

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Accidente Nuclear de Three Mile Island

El accidente de Three Mile Island fue un accidente nuclear que sufrió la central nuclear del mismo nombre el 28 de marzo de 1979. Ese día el reactor TMI-2 sufrió una fusión parcial del núcleo del reactor, en Pennsylvania, Estados Unidos.

NRC's primary mission is to protect the public health and safety, and the environment from the effects of radiation from nuclear reactors, materials, and waste facilities. We also regulate these nuclear materials and facilities to promote the common defense and security.
This is an update on the incident at Three-Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant today. This situation is more complex than the company first led us to believe. We are taking more tests. And at this point, we believe there is still no danger to public health. Metropolitan Edison has given you and us conflicting information. We just concluded a meeting with company officials and hope this briefing will clear up most of your questions. There has been a release of radioactivity into the environment. The magnitude of this release is still being determined, but there is no evidence yet that it has resulted in the presence of dangerous levels. The company has informed us that from about 11 a.m. until about 1:30 p.m., Three-Mile Island discharged into the air, steam that contained detectable amounts of radiation.