Condiciones climáticas severas inusuales

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Condiciones climáticas severas inusuales

En 1998,la China experimenta las peores inundaciones en décadas; dos tercios de Bangladesh quedan bajo el agua por varios meses debido a los torrenciales; El Huracán Match destruye parte de América Central; 54 países sufren inundaciones y 45 fuertes sequías; la Tierra alcanza el nivel de temperatura más alto registrado hasta el momento.
Surface Marine observations contain various meteorological elements that over time can describe the nature of the climate of a location or region. These elements include temperature, dew point, relative humidity, precipitation, snowfall, snow depth on ground, wind speed, wind direction, cloudiness, visibility, atmospheric pressure, evaporation, soil temperatures, and various types of weather occurrences such as hail, fog, thunder, glaze, etc. NCDC receives and archives meteorological data from ships at sea as well as buoys both fixed and free floating. The weather observations are normally hourly observations (can be more frequent) and there are daily and monthly summaries. Many of the summaries are published on paper, electronically and via CD-ROM. Surface Marine data from around the world are archived at NCDC.