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EarthTalk, an environmental question-and-answer column, is a regular feature of E/The Environmental Magazine.

EarthTalk answers reader-submitted questions on a wide range of environmental topics, from global warming to buying organic. Nearly 400 media outlets carry EarthTalk, which has a total weekly readership approaching 4 million.

EarthTalk is provided free each week to newspapers, news services, environmental organizations and green-friendly companies. Selected EarthTalk columns are reprinted on Environmental Issues by permission of the magazine's editors.

About E/The Environmental Magazine:

E - The Environmental Magazine premiered in January 1990 on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Day and in the wake of the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill. At the time, the American public was also reeling from reports of medical waste washing up on New Jersey shores, fires blazing in Yellowstone Park and unusually hot weather that had earned the summer of 1988 the nickname “The Greenhouse Summer.”

Since its inception, the magazine’s mission has remained the same: to provide information about environmental issues and to share ideas and resources so that readers can live more sustainable lives and connect with ongoing efforts for change.

E is independent of any membership organization and has no agenda to promote except that of our very diverse and dynamic environmental movement as a whole. As such, E casts a wide net editorially, covering everything environmental — from the big issues like climate change, renewable energy and toxins and health, to the topics that directly impact our readers' daily lives: how to eat right and stay healthy, where to invest responsibly and how to save energy at home.

E has been reporting on environmental issues longer than most publications, and with the launch of our newly redesigned website we've been able to expand and enhance that coverage.

Our bloggers—all experienced environmental journalists—provide weekly insight into where to find the best green products, the environmental legal campaigns to watch, the latest in environmental art and eco-documentaries, how to avoid toxins in the home, just-launched renewable energy innovations, the coming impact of electric cars, the adventures of eating locally and much more.

And online, our in-depth print articles will offer not only additional photos, related videos and timely updates, but allow you to share comments and insights that will give E's stories greater depth. We like to think of our new website as a meeting place, welcoming anyone looking for—or looking to share—environmental information.